sean m haffeyGettyImages-900140042
sean m haffeyGettyImages-900140042

Connor Wentz is trying out for the 49ers. he's one of 33 unsigned players in minicamp.

49ers are currently in the middle of mandatory minicamp and they have their undrafted free agents in there as well as 33 unsigned players that are trying out for the team.

As a Seahawks fan mind you, the last thing I want to talk about is the friggin 49ers, but according to Niners Nation, Carson's cousin  Connor Wentz is trying to make the team as a fullback.  I'm kinda surprised because that position has been disappearing in the league lately but who knows, maybe Shanahan might have some stuff up his sleeves this year.

I wish him good luck and who knows, if he makes it we might be writing articles about him as well. Actually, my colleagues will because I personally don't like writing anything about the 49ers.  Sorry, Conner!

Wow, the Wentz family must have some awesome genes!


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