One of the toughest sports on this planet is wrestling - it takes everything you got. Endurance, agility, strategy, strength, and so much more. Those that are successful usually have competed for quite some time, and that is why Brayden Morris is a rare young man. KFYRTV reported just recently about a young man from Bismarck making school history for Century High becoming the first 7th grader to wrestle a varsity match. Think about that, advancing from middle school to getting on the mat with Class-A Level athletes is a huge leap. This is how his coach Jerald Lemur put it  “at the varsity level it’s pretty intense and you’re asking a lot from a 7th grader. You’re asking the same thing from a 7th grader that you would ask from a junior or senior and he took it. You could tell the nerves were there right away but as soon as he got warmed up, ready to go he was dialed in so for him to go out and do what he did you don’t see a whole lot of that in the State of North Dakota, very few.” 

We are used to seeing the major sports playout on our television sets every season, wrestling is really a hidden beast, rarely is it viewed on prime time. It's a demanding sport - which Brayden has already started making his mark, after winning against his opponent from Jamestown, helping the Patriots defeat the Blue Jays just last Tuesday. The old cliche rings true here - "Keep your eyes on this phenom, this kid is going to be a force to be reckoned with ( he already is )" - For more on this story click here.



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