Here's a good way to help avoid the spread of this disease to other animals. 

Apparently, Unit 3F2 in the southwestern part of the state had some cases of CWD since 2009 and it seems the disease is limited to that area.  You never know though so it's always good to get your Buck tested once you've caught one.

If you're not familiar  with the disease, here's a description below:

CWD is a disease of deer, moose and elk that is always fatal. It can lead to a decline in deer populations if left unchecked, and once on a landscape, it remains indefinitely. CWD is caused by a prion and results in the formation of microscopic, sponge-like holes in the animal’s brain. It is not caused by a virus, bacteria or nutritional imbalance. There is no treatment or vaccine.

It seems like coming from that description the disease would be widespread, threatening the lives of Deer everywhere, but that is not the case.

There are regulations in place that are working to avoid breakouts of this disease.

 Here are some of the ways you could help:

  • Bring your Deer head to one of the numbers of Sampling stations in Kenmare and Crosby to get it checked. 
  • Take your carcass and dispose of it properly. That means bring it to a landfill rather than just leave it in the wild because scavengers can transmit the virus to other areas pretty quickly. 
  • Avoid Baiting and feeding so the infected Deer can't spread it to other deer in the group. 


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