Nice spin on the bar crawl concept.

This event is happening at a number of different coffee houses around town this Saturday starting at 9am with each participating spot pouring their signature brew. This is such a cool idea!

Here are some of the coffee houses involved:

Caffe Aroma Bismarck, Cappuccino On Collins, Bisman Community Food Co-op, Coffee Zone inside Sky Zone, Caribou Coffee on 3rd Street, City Brew Coffee, Boneshaker Coffee Company, Claudia's Bistro, Ginna's Cafe (Scheel's), Red Trail Petro Espresso and Jocutla more to be announced!

To purchase a passport you can click here

There wasn't any word of if you have to dress weird or wear a onesie like a good amount of Bar crawls do. It just looks like the type of crawl you do if you are an intelligent grownup that's really into coffee.  I wonder if you have to wear one of those hipster beanies though. I'm thinking yes?


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