Sometimes shows like Floydian Slip inspire creativity. It's fun when that happens. 

Last night on the show that airs on this station at 8 pm Sundays, there was a song that was played as part of the Floydian slip- up by 80's Synthesizer guy Jan hammer ( above). The reason it was played was that Jan Hammer has collaborated with former Pink Floyd member the late Richard Wright in the past...

Here's the song from Youtube:

The song was pretty awesome,  so I did some digging and found out another artist that successfully collaborated with Jan Hammer. Here's what I found on Youtube.

This was a collaboration live on Stage at a Les Paul benefit back in 1988. I'm sure you recognize the guitarist that is playing with him.

Now let's say you are not as old as I am and you're like who is Jan Hammer? Well, he is a well-known synthesizer musician and composer responsible ( with Georgio Moroder)  for the Theme for the 80's Hit TV show Miami Vice.  In the 80's he was a big deal. 


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