The Comedy brewery tour hits Stonehome Brewery this week.

If you're a craft beer geek or a comedy geek, this is right up your alley! Personally, I think I am both so you'll probably see me here.

This Thursday, Stonehome brewery is going to be hosting the Brewery Comedy tour and depending on how it is received, This could be a recurring thing. Now, I know what you're thinking ... Yeah, kinda do not want to see some open mic night with some locals that are just trying out the craft.  Don't worry, this tour is all about NATIONAL up and comers that have played big festivals and have made TV  appearances. For me, as long as Kathy Griffen isn't one of them, I'm interested!

Here's what the brewery is saying :

Laughs are on tap for this nationwide tour that has already hit 900 breweries across the U.S. More than a dozen New York and Los Angeles-based. stand-ups are currently on the road, sampling the local fare, local brews and providing the finest and funniest in comedy entertainment. This stop is set to feature a lineup whose credits include top festivals, TV and major club appearances.

Visit for more information and to get tickets

Should be fun!

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