Our "Ready To Roll For The Winter" contest was quite a show - we started back on October 5th, I took 2 winners every weekday for four weeks - The Grand Prize was won today by Frank Brendel from Mandan. I just want to take a couple of seconds to clarify what I just wrote - YES we had a Grand Prize Winner, and the beautiful thing is we had no losers - because ALL the winners that had qualified scored a FREE Oil change from Tires Plus ( my favorite place around ). Tires Plus has two locations here in Bismarck - 930 East Bismarck and 5216 Ottawa St. Check it out, if you have never been to Tires Plus, you are in for a treat. They are extremely efficient, courteous, friendly, and honest. Here is my favorite part, at their 5216 Ottawa street location, all you have to do is sit in your car while they change your oil - that easy!

EVERY qualifier WON a Tires Plus Oil Change, needless to say we had 31 happy winners! Today was the day everyone waited for, the fabulous grand prize - a remote car starter ( over a $600 value ) from Pacific Sound & Video - One of the first things you do, when you move to North Dakota ( as quick as possible ) is to get yourself a remote car starter. The seasoned ND veterans know what a must that is - when it's like 22 below - the torture of running out into an ice-cold car, cursing the car heater to hurry up. Thanks to Pacific Sound & Video -  Frank will be nice and toasty INSIDE his house as his brand new remote car starter does its job!

To put a finishing touch to a great run, this contest was so much fun for the one fact I pointed out earlier - There were no disappointed losers, just a whole bunch of happy winners - Thank you again to Tires Plus and of course Pacific Sound & Video!


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