Corn hole is a good game to pass the time, now the competition heats up. 

There is a corn hole league that is going to start up this year at the Drink in Mandan.  There are teams of four that can be mixed any way ( all girls, coed, all guys etc...).

These leagues can be a good way to get out of the house or to meet new people. Sometimes, it's good to mingle with other human beings in order to improve your social skills ... kidding.

I always thought cornhole was something that Breweries did to pass the time when their brew was in the mash -tun. It is apparently is a thing though. Here's the official word on the league from Facebook 

9-week Recreational League starts 06/05/19, Start Time 7:30 pm each week with 3 weeks of tournaments

Courtesy of The Drink at Lakewood White Claw each week of play!

- Teams accepted on a first come first served basis
- Each team consists of 4 players, playing a total of 6 games per night
- Teams may consist of any gender makeup (Men's, Women's, or Co-ed)

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