An up to $10,000 reward is being offered for the arrest of a Minnesota murder suspect.

Did you hear about the on-the-run murder suspect from Oklee, Minnesota? On July 9, it was reported that police were looking for 44-year-old Eric Reinbold in connection with the murder of his 34-year-old wife, Lissette Reinbold. At the time of this post, six days have passed since the murder and there is an up to $10,000 reward being offered for the wanted man.

Eric Reinbold is considered armed and dangerous.

On Tuesday (July 13), the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension posted a detailed notification about Eric Reinbold. The post says that Reinbold could be trespassing on properties and maybe even stolen a vehicle. If he is discovered, he should not be approached, but it is important to alert authorities. This guy may look meek in pictures, but he is no one to mess with.

Reinbold was recently released from federal prison for plotting disturbing crimes.

The Grand Forks Herald did a little bit of a background story on Reinbold and he just got out of federal prison on March 18, 2021. In 2018, he was sentenced to five years for having pipe bombs and planning to start a "second American Revolution." He reportedly even created a manifesto in a notebook called "How one person can make a difference: Instruction booklet at the HCU (homemade commando university)." Here are a couple of quotes the Grand Forks Herald got from the writings:

  • "Media will label you a serial killer, but real folk will call you a hero."
  • "Make them disappear one by one."

Should North Dakotans be on the lookout for Eric Reinbold?

Six days is a long time to be on the run. And the longer authorities go without finding him, the more likely it will be that they never find him - especially if he can lay low. If he planned an entire revolution, he probably had a little bit of an escape plan after allegedly killing his wife. And he could really be anywhere at this point.

With all this time passing, too, he could be changing appearance. He could be losing weight or growing facial hair. And he could be hiding in woods somewhere or quietly blending in with society. I guess all we can do is keep our doors locked and stay hyperaware of our surroundings until the killer is apprehended.

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