Doe hunting is a big deal here!  Here's how you still can get that licence.

It's getting close to that time of year where you get to put that camo on and get out into the field. If you missed out on the first lottery for licenses though, you still have a chance to get one as 3,000 licenses are still available.

According to the State Game and Fish Department, those unsuccessful can re-apply starting on July 11th. If you haven't reapplied yet, you need to get on it because the deadline is August 8th.

Bow Season starts at the end of August and Gun Season starts at the beginning of November. If you are looking for the exact dates, click here.

I personally would like to check out hunting season but due to my lack of hand-eye coordination, I'll probably scare off most of them, or shoot myself on a ricochet.  It's good to dream though. 



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