When it comes to safer regulations, I am all for it. Some may take this added step as a definite intrusion, a simple pain-in-the-butt. A Real ID will be needed fairly soon, if you plan on taking a trip, boarding a commercial flight. Yes, this means taking an unplanned trip of your own to the Department of Motor Vehicles..

Now I am aware of people cringing, when it's time for them to visit the DMV. The thought of long lines etc. The awful anticipation of having your picture taken, which prominently lands on your (yikes) drivers license. The hassles of this whole experience is duly noted, but necessary.

The Real ID is for your protection-preventing identity theft and fraud. The best thing you can do, is make an appointment with our local DMV. Take care of this, then you can sit back, and laugh at everyone else's lovely driver's license pic. For more on this story, head here.

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