We have all seen Tom Cruise flashing through the sky in his "TOP GUN" movie, his sequel to that 1986 movie is due out on Dec 23rd of this year. We have all seen his "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE" movies, crazy stunts, jam-packed with action, his exploits of doing his own stunts is what he is proud of. He's flown helicopters, driven motorcycles through winding narrow streets, jumped off small buildings. There are some restrictions, of course, The Navy said "No dice" when he wanted to test fly an F-18 combat jet in "TOP GUN: MAVERICK". There doesn't seem to be anything that can slow Tom down. Not yet anyway.

Just recently there were rumors flying around that the 57- year old superstar was going to slip into an Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket, and blast off into outer space to film a movie. The first thing I thought of was NO WAY, I mean the guy's only 3 foot 2 ( not even tall enough to go on 95 % of Disneyland's rides ). I smelled a major promotional stunt right away. I was wrong. NASA confirmed the reports that YES, Tom will be up there shooting a feature film aboard the International Space Station. SpaceX has yet to put out an official statement of their own. I'm sure the "wheels are turning" inside the minds of any promotional department that gets their hands on this project. I have a few questions if they make this flick -Will good old tiny Tom find an astronaut suit small enough to get into?  Will the World Premiere be in space? Does popcorn float? For more on this click here.


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