Toronto Star via Getty Images
Toronto Star via Getty Images

People drive way too fast when it snows, here are a couple of death-defying stories from snow plow drivers in North Dakota. 

Mike Wadeson, a Valley City ND-based NDDOT Plow driver just got out of the hospital today after getting rammed on I94 on Sunday and is just happy to be alive. He was hit by a Semi going too fast on the road then not able to maneuver past the plow as the ice and snow were pretty extensive.

He was saved by the tow plow attached to his truck.

"It would have spun me around and rolled the truck, it also could have put me in the lake,” he said.

Steve Seeley, Wadeson's friend from Valley City has been involved in 2 accidents since with a car and a pickup hitting him.

“Everyone is driving a little too fast for conditions. We all have places to go, but these roads, they are tough sometimes, hard to see,” said Seely.

I find myself doing this from time to time because I have a 4 wheel drive SUV, but it's definitely not cool to crowd these plow drivers.  Every situation is different and your reaction affects everyone on the road for good or for bad.

Please drive slow and put your headlights on when it's snowy conditions. Also try not to crowd or pass the plows because you might wind up in one of these stories.

I'm definitely going to take my own advice for once.

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