You know the trouble with checking social media every 5 seconds and binge-watching Netflix shows all day? We tend to rely on it too much.

I'm at fault for that big-time. If I'm on my PlayStation 5, playing some mind-numbing game, and I get kicked off the internet for even 40 seconds, I panic. My world starts spinning. I start blaming my cats for about 10 minutes, I try and try to re-connect to the internet that runs my life. Well, I guess I can read a book if I remember how.

All the horror I mentioned above happened yesterday. The power was out affecting several homes in Bismarck

According to "South 12th Street between Indiana and Arbor avenues in Bismarck was closed for several hours Saturday due to downed power lines, and numerous homes in the area lost power" The culprit was a garbage truck in the area that had inadvertently come in contact with a power line, and in return toppled some poles to fall on the ground.

Several Bismarck residents reached out on a local Facebook page, asking if anyone else was affected

I was NOT one of those that had their internet down, but I read all the comments from those that were on Bismarck People Reporting News. Some people were upset, frustrated, and made that clear. I believe it's human nature to lash out and point fingers when life is not normal for a couple of hours. The awesome thing about where we live, however, are the people that take a situation and make the best of it.

"Montana-Dakota Utilities crews responded to the scene to make repairs"

The bismarcktribune added "Montana-Dakota Utilities crews responded to the scene to make repairs"

As some chose to stay angry for their lack of power, others made observations of what WE are well known for "North Dakota Nice" A Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Group member summed it up perfectly. She thanked all the many people who came by the scene to drop off food, drinks, and gratitude. That to me is more electric than any source of power anywhere.


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