How many of us sports fans have dreamed of hitting a home run in game seven of the World Series? Some have played out their fantasies on their backyard basketball hoop, or emulating our favorite sports heroes.

The reality of our dreams usually disappear as we get older, and everyday life takes over. When you get a chance, ask David Ayres about the 22nd of this month (February). The NHL Carolina Hurricanes were on the road, facing the Toronto Maple Leafs, when disaster struck,  injuries to both James Reimer and Petr Mrazek forced the Carolina Hurricanes to call on in-house emergency goaltender David Ayres (a 43 year old Zamboni driver) in the second period against the Toronto Maple leafs.

The hometown Toronto crowd and all sports fans in general, were captivated by Ayres, as the Canes went on to win 6-3. Truly a fantasy come true.

Here is my favorite part of this amazing story, fifteen years ago David needed a kidney transplant, which he eventually received from his mother. There are some people after their "fifteen minutes of fame", that disappear. This inspirational man now intends to use his name to raise money for the kidney foundation. Check out more of this awesome story by clicking here.

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