Hard to believe the deep depths that some people will sink to in order to try and satisfy their addiction - downright scary actually. The mindset of an alcoholic is pretty straight forward, "When, where am I going to drink again?" There is no way you can stop him or her when they are on a mission to get that buzz going. Take away their booze and they will find an alternative, like Hand Sanitizer. I'm not kidding, believe it or not as low as they may fall their brain is searching for something, anything that makes them feel good again. There is no trying to understand an alcoholic, they are driven by it, they HAVE to have it, and for the most part, are completely unaware of the dangers of substituting for alcohol.

Author Mike Adams wrote "According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) four people have died this year from ingesting hand sanitizer, while several others have experienced unsavory effects like impaired vision (blindness) and seizures. The federal agency says that while alcohol-based products are intended to protect the public from germs, they “should never be ingested.   Mike goes on to point out that some forms of alcohol are extremely dangerous  "Alcohol in hand sanitizer is not the same as what is in alcoholic beverages. Some contain ethyl alcohol, simple alcohol that is safer but still shouldn’t be consumed. But others are being manufactured with methanol, a harsh chemical that metabolizes into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and formic acid and can cause all kinds of health problems if consumed"

The CDC like 99% of normal people have no idea why people turn to Hand Sanitizer - I know why - I'm 11 years sober but I still remember the haunting feeling of your body ravished by drinking every single day and the only thing that's on your mind when you wake up is alcohol. For more on this story click here *the article contains some rough language.


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