Have you ever flown a kite? A perfectly windy day rolls around, you rush to the closet, hope like heck your kite you stashed in there months ago is still intact. After untangling the string, you run your hundred-yard dash while releasing your flying toy - and off it goes. Well, things are a lot different now, as in drones -some as small as your fist, or as big as a plastic airplane. The sophistication is amazing. These things can fly as fast as 100 mph, and get ready to be blown away, some drones can climb as high as 11,000 feet - That's more than TWO MILES HIGH.

That is why the FAA limits flights to 400 feet - period. Let me just say something that maybe the drone-happy idiots can understand, some drones are larger than a bird, and if you remember what happened January 15th, 2009? A bird strike caused an emergency landing on Lake Hudson. I'm not trying to be a buzzkill, I am just suggesting that people have an ounce of common sense - you know, like when they feel free to lift-off their drone into the Detroit skies within 100 feet of a fleet of Blue Angels. Well, the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Navy, and local authorities also agree with me, and now the ignorant moron and his happy drone face repercussions - in layman's terms - You're grounded stupid. How does someone think that flying so close to a team of F/A -18 Hornets is a good idea? For more on this story and some incredible video, click here. For the record, my old kite got stuck IN our 2nd story chimney, which put an end to my flying career.


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