Count me in when it comes time to clean up my workstation, desk, studio. I'm all about keeping things organized as best as I can. This includes my own contribution to the simple goal of chasing any COVID-19 germs away - therefore one of the "tools" I use five days a week are Clorox wipes. Making damn sure I have wiped EVERYTHING down before I leave for the night. You can call me 'Mr. Clean', 'Mr. Cautious', OR you can call me a 'Criminal'.

I broke the law all last year - from March of 2020 until just last Friday (52 weeks straight). According to the Inforum, there is a North Dakota law that says Any employee who's paid a wage and applies to a surface an antimicrobial pesticide, which encompasses the majority of surface disinfectants found in stores, must be certified with the North Dakota Pesticide Control Board to legally do so. Breaking down this law even further to all you other crooks out there, this applies to anyone using such cleaning devices, such as Clorox in obvious places like schools, or businesses.

So why aren't we all in jail? Because of the obvious, it is mostly not enforced. I am going to go out on a major limb here and say that I would guess 100% of us out here in Bismarck have never heard of that law before.

Now for the good news, before you seek a lawyer for consultation for being guilty of manhandling wipes, House Bill 1338 would waive the pesticide certification requirement for the use of nonrestricted antimicrobial cleaning products.


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