It began with promise, then despair, then hope. Of course, it ends with what could have been.

The miracle run for the reigning world champions ended in New Orleans today with a pass that literally went through Alshon Jeffrey's hands to Marshon Lattimore of the Saints with under 2 minutes left.

It was a heartbreaking loss for a team that a month ago wasn't going to be in this position. Give the Saints credit, they turned the momentum in this game and beat out the heart of a champion.

Now the questions begin, is Nick Foles your starting Quarterback? Does Carson Wentz get traded? Does Nick Foles get traded? All will eventually be settled once the offseason comes to a close.  There is no denying though, Nick Foles is a big game quarterback and provided he's in the right system, he will continue to win for the Eagles or someone else.

It's good to know that Carson Wentz won't be coming off an ACL this offseason so it will be interesting to see the chemistry he will have with his receivers in 2019. Obviously, that was the issue this year.


The Highlights are below:

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