It finally happened!

With pick number 166 in the Nfl Draft, The LA Chargers select ....Easton Stick. That was the word from the podium and Easton's NFL career has begun. It was a rash of emotion when he was on the phone with the team that ended with him standing up and saying ... we're going to LA!

The moment did not come without drama though as the picks were coming off the board. The Philadelphia Eagles had the next pick and the speculation has begun.

Overall though, the right situation happened. Wentz has Philly and Easton now has a fresh start in LA. Making the team is going to be hard work so that blue-collar mentality that has made him famous at NDSU is going to be helpful at the next level.

One good thing though, is that he will be in the same quarterback room as Philip Rivers, so he'll get to learn from someone with elite pedigree.

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