After my experience on the Harmon trail yesterday, I began to research some easier trails to work on before I'm ready for the big leagues. 

I found a really good one that 's called Scout's trail on Ft Abraham Lincoln state park.

It's in Mandan and it's a pretty wide trail which allows you to go fast if your advanced or being able to navigate if you're a beginner. The hills are easy to ride and the trail is very forgiving.

Mountain biking I'm finding out is a whole new sport of ruggedness and Danger/ Adventure. While I was really scared after yesterday's debacle at Harmon lake, I feel the itch to get back there and not let that trail beat me. That trail needs to know who's boss :) 

So before I tackle it again, I will work my way through the minors first. And this scouts trail looks like what the doctor ordered.


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