The sign on the door said just that. 

Here's a brewery that opened in mid-2018 at the old Bismarck Depot site and now, because the building is being sold, they are closing its doors.

They had some really good brews here as well as the food, so it's sad to see that happen to another local business downtown.  If you read the sign though, it doesn't look like it will stop being a brewery, it almost looks like they are just finding an additional location to set up shop. Then again, that might be the optimist in me.

On the facebook group Bismarck People reporting news,  there seems to be a mixed reaction to this news. There's a good amount of comments that are sad because they loved going there but there are also comments of people that didn't know the Brewery existed despite all the social media advertising they did.

That seems odd...  All you had to do was drive on the main street and look left across from the Blarney stone and it was there.

Hopefully, they get another site.



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