Europe continue leading fans up to the arrival of their new Walk the Earth LP with the set's second pre-release track, "Election Day."

The song, making its exclusive premiere above, offers another early look at the band's 11th studio album, following the official video recently posted for Walk the Earth's title track. Scheduled for an Oct. 20 arrival and available to pre-order now, the new record represents the latest chapter of a lengthy career during which, as singer Joey Tempest argues, the group has "constantly explored our limits and new parts of our musical universe."

Pointing out in a press release that Europe have now released more new music since reuniting in 2003 than they did during their worldwide commercial peak in the '80s, Tempest made it clear that the band members have no interest in rehashing the past with their current efforts.

"In a Europe live show, there is of course some room for nostalgia, but in the studio there is none. Every album is a reaction to the one before, a new journey, a new adventure," he continued. "The music of a rock band needs to constantly move, challenge, upheave, evolve or the band will automatically become a nostalgia act. We are proud of our past and previous albums, but we simply can't identify, recapture, emulate any of it. We simply can't write like that even if we wanted to. We are a new act with a different expression."

Fans will have the chance to see that different expression in action on the road this fall; the band is booked for a run of European tour dates through early December, including a handful of U.K. appearances with Deep Purple. Visit Europe's official site for complete details and ticketing information.

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