The nation watched in horror, as a black man was detained, handcuffed, and slowly lost his life in the hands of a white police officer. The video, shot by a bystander, was released shortly after George Floyd's death. The 8 minute and 46-second ordeal took place on May 25th. The Protestors were out fairly quick, in the city of Minneapolis where the incident happened. The four white policemen were fired, one by the name of Derek Chauvin, whose knee bent firmly on Floyd's neck, cutting off the oxygen and killing him, is now in jail facing charges of manslaughter. What started as an isolated protest, has grown to cities all over the country.

Our nation has seen this play out before, who can forget what happened on April 29,1992? The Los Angeles riots in full violent motion when Reginal Denny, a white truck driver, was pulled from his cab and beaten severely by a group of angry black men. The capper was when one thug threw a brick at the head of Denny, point-blank, and as the helicopter news camera kept filming, we all saw a celebration occur over a helpless individual lay dying on the cement. I have never forgotten that sick feeling I had when I saw that - the color of the men's skin was not in focus to me, the only thing that became crystal clear to that day was viewing pure HATE.

What took place 28 years ago, still is smoldering , and all it takes is an individual wearing a badge loses his mind, and now our country is paying the price. For more on the latest in Fargo click here.


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