April 7th is the beginning of a cool annual competition. 

The North Dakota Student Angler Federation fishing tournament is about to begin. It's a great competitive fishing tournament for high school from 7-12th grade. If you are a hardcore bass fisherman or want to be, this is a great way to get your passion started.

The first event starts on April 27th on Lake Nelson.

Here's the full schedule from Facebook below;

2019 Student Angler Schedule
Registration Meeting
April 7th-7pm @ Luckys 13 Bismarck, ND
If unable to attend we will be on Facebook live to answer questions and get you registered.
Registration fee is $25 per Angler. There will also be a $20 per team fee for qualifying tournaments that will go directly towards the state championship winning team to help offset costs. You may fish both qualifiers.

Qualifier #1
Lake Nelson-April 27th
Top 3 teams qualify for the state championship

Qualifier #2
Lake Ashtabula-June 1st
Top 3 teams qualify for the state championship

State Championship
Spiritwood Lake-June 2nd
Top 3 teams from each qualifier. Winning team qualifies for Student Angler National Championship on Lake Pickwick, Alabama June 18-22nd.

All tournaments this year will keep 6 fish and weigh 3. Rules mirror the Badlands Bass Bandits and can be found on www.badlandsbassbandits.com

Any questions please feel free to contact me directly on Facebook messenger.

Thanks, everyone and share the word. Let’s have a great year.

Bass fishing is so much fun.  It'd be great to get your kids hooked early!

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