Here's a spotlight on good fishing areas whether well-known or not, and the advantages to fishing there: 

Today's spotlight is a lake that's about an hour and a half from Bismarck.

The cool thing about Beaver Lake is that the water is pristine, clear and perfect for fishing as well as swimming.

Why Fish? Northern Pike is plentiful in this lake with fish occasionally surpassing 10 pounds. The lake and state park is very quiet and out of the way from society so if you have a great day fishing, you won't have to worry about 12 boats showing up the next day in your spot.

It's also a good spot for ice fishing as well.

While it is a nice quiet area, it's not completely in the middle of nowhere though. It's only 8 miles south of Napoleon, ND which is a pretty good town that caters to weekend travelers.

Can't wait to experience it for myself!


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