Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images


This is apparently what happens when it gets warm.

This flood warning was set till 3:30 on Sunday but it has been extended. There is an Ice jam that needs to move through the system as well as eventually melts.

According to the Bismarck Tribune:

A flood warning for the Heart River near Mandan remains in effect through at least Monday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

An ice jam is causing elevated water levels and is expected to continue until temperatures warm up, said Meteorologist Patrick Ayd.

Rapidly changing water levels are expected as ice moves through the river channel.

County Road 82 between 51st and 54th streets and County Road 140 north of Hebron are closed within Morton County due to flooding. Several other roads throughout the county have high water along the edges and motorists should drive cautiously, the Morton County Sheriff’s Office said.

I know there is a huge mountain biking community that is chomping on the bit to get going. I'd probably be wise to wait another week though.

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