Last Friday night, I treated myself to something I haven't done in a long time, I ventured out of my safety net ( my apartment ) and I went and visited a friend from Minot. No, I didn't leave Bismarck, I drove to Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park where he and his girlfriend were camping. If you have heard about this place and haven't been, you are missing out. Located about 12 miles from Mandan via highway 1806, this park is rich with history. While you are hanging out there, you can stop by General Custer's house ( he's probably not home by the way ) - then plan on taking a walk to the blockhouse of Fort McKeen and see what it must have felt like being a soldier there in the 1870s. There are campsites scattered all around the state park, comfortable playgrounds, even an amphitheater to enjoy. They have a commissary store on the grounds, and a book store to stock up on your reading.

For what it's worth, for being such an easy drive from Mandan, and downtown Bismarck, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park delivers relaxation and offers so many interesting trails to explore, for the whole family. Those that really want to put some miles on their smartwatch, they can choose the Scouts Trail System: covers 6.75 miles in a series of loops and connecting trails. For more on this really neat place, you can head to www.parkrec.nd.govv or check them out on So if you are heading into the weekend and you are looking for something fun and refreshing to do - take a trip out there!



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