It sounds like something out of a terrible screwball comedy.

Police in Ensley Township, Mich. think a parrot named Bud may have witnessed the murder of his owner after the bird has been saying, "Don't [bleeping] shoot!"

Martin Duram, 45, was shot and killed in his home last year. Authorities believe his wife, who survived a gunshot to the head, is a suspect in what may have been a failed murder-suicide. His wife denies killing him.

“I personally think he was there and he remembers it and he was saying it,” Duram’s father, Charles Duram, said.

Bud is now living with Duram's first wife, who claims the parrot is also doing her ex-husband's voice, adding fuel to the fire he's mimicking what he may have said in the moments before he died.

Despite the odd change in Bud's vocabulary, there are no plans for him to appear in court because there is no truly foolproof way to prove how the bird learned to started talking about shooting.