How was your weekend? What did you do on Saturday to beat the 96-degree heat? I left my air-conditioned apartment and ventured out to The Pier Bar & Grill - Tiffany and her awesome staff were there to greet 96-5 The Fox as we broadcasted live from 11-1. You can find this wonderful spot at the Southport Marina - Great food and comfortable environment, and what an amazing outside deck overlooking the River. The local carps swim by to dine on cheese balls - compliments of The Pier Bar & Grill and their customers. If you are looking for the best Mahi-Mahi salad around, then set your GPS to The Pier Bar & Grill. After our live remote, Erika ( winner of the Fox River Rock Pontoon Party contest ) and her friends stopped by. Once we were all set, off to the docks as our pontoon cruised in. Shawn from Open Water Marine Pontoon ( the owner and all-around cool guy ) greeted all of us, passengers, as we climbed on board, a cooler of adult beverages opened up and said "Hi" to the thirsty ones.

This beautiful pontoon comfortably seats 10 people, and what a relaxing place to be on. We drifted over to a small little neighborhood area, where everyone took a dip, well not everyone as I sat there wearing a black t-shirt and jeans - YES jeans ( The new trend I have set for all River folks ). Check this out now, while talking to Shawn, he told me just how easy it is to rent YOUR own pontoon for the day, how inexpensive it is, AND a pontoon with your name on it could accommodate a grill on-board for your cooking needs. How awesome is that? You NEED to remember this when you are thinking about doing something really special for someone or for a whole group of people - What a fantastic party that would be! Shawn 701-214-0425  Open Water Marine Pontoon. Sadly our time ended out on the River, and we all were dropped off back at the restaurant. Thank you AGAIN to Tiffany and her whole crew at The Pier Bar & Grill for making our pre-launch party so much fun! Thank you to Shawn Volk for supplying his very own pontoon, and for being such a gracious laid back captain.

We will have our last Fox River Rock Pontoon Party  August 29th. Make sure you sign up NOW on our FREE 965TheFoxAPP. Do it today.



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