Time to get those tickets !!


Concert tickets are good when you can get them. Their even better though when you get them for free. Every once and a while a stack of tickets to some show shows up on our front stoop and we wind up just giving them away on the air. Here's how you win them.

  1. Listen to the Fox each weekday 
  2. When you hear the ticket scalper, text rock to 343-9406 
  3. You get a return text that you are a winner! 
  4. The fact that you won rare tickets has you do a victory lap /bender that lasts 3 days.

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson Fargodome tickets showed up in our mailbox last week, so starting Monday, you have a chance to win them!

You never know that tickets the ticket scalper has next so it would be wise to pay attention.

The Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson show is Friday, August 9th at the Fargodome.



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