Some great games tonight locally. 

We're getting deeper into autumn and that only means that the cream is starting to rise to the top in high school land.

Some of the things we discussed in our weekly podcast are:

  • The main event matchup tonight between #1 Bismarck and #2 Century 
  • Shiloah hopefully bouncing back tomorrow against North Star 
  • #2 St Mary's at #3 Central 
  • The Bison and Fighting Hawks matchups 
  • The Viking matchup this weekend 
  • We also recapped Carson Wentz's performance last night against the Giants.

I'll be able to see first hand what the Vikings look like this weekend as I travel to Minneapolis to cover the game. Rob Meltzer, our Townsquare media Sports Director did bring up some good points about all of the games and fears about some of them.

All in all though a very intriguing line up of games this weekend. Here's the podcast below for your enjoyment.

Go Vikings!

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