getty images christian peterson
getty images christian peterson

It's that time of week again. The football conversation begins and the matchups are pretty intriguing this week. It's time for Frank Gallo's Football stuff podcast.  Some of the things covered in this week's edition of The podcast are:

  • Shiloh vs the MLS Mavericks in the playoffs.
  • The Bison vs Illinois state.
  • The Vikings vs the NY Jets.
  • The Eagles vs the Carolina Panthers.

A lot of different perspectives on these games. The Shiloh Fighting Hawks have some injuries to overcome as well as some changes at the quarterback position. The Bison face a big test against Illinois State. The Eagles got a big one against The Carolina Panthers and the Vikings have a chance to get one on the east coast against a rising young quarterback in Sam Darnold and the Jets defense.

The discussion happens in the 6 pm hour today on 965 the Fox or you can hear the whole podcast below.



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