As we get into the weekend, here's an idea of some of the games that are happening. 

High school Football ended last weekend, but College is still happening and of course so is the NFL.  Here are some of the highlights of today's interview.

  • NDSU looks like it's going to get another blowout win against Southern Illinois
  • UND has another test against Northern Arizona
  • U Mary had something good happen to them last week.
  • Carson will have his hands full against the Saints this weekend.
  • Viking's tussle for the division this weekend in 1 of their 2 games with the division rival Bears.

As we get into November and December, the stakes start to raise for these teams. The Bison are trying to repeat as Champions, as well as the Eagles in the NFL and the Vikings, are just trying to get there.  Games become more intense and therefore more compelling. Man, I love this time of the year! Here's the Podcast;

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