Every week we cover the world of High school /College and /NFL Football. 

It's another weekend! That means more football to talk about.

In this week’s edition of Frank Gallo's football stuff, I normally have Rob Meltzer our Townsquare Media Sports Director, but he was out in LA covering the Vikings game last night.

So I chat with Ryan Parish our Townsquare Media Digital editor and local football statistician about some insight on the High school football games happening around town tonight.

In college, we cover the Bison matchup tomorrow with South Dakota State and the effect it might have on beer sales around town.

The Viking and the Eagles are on tap for NFL action with each team having a difficult struggle this week to get a win. Vikings lost a tough one last night and The Eagles have a tricky one in Tennessee to navigate.

To listen to this discussion live, tune in to 96.5 The Fox Fridays at 5 pm. 

Here's the discussion... Enjoy!



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