A new teacher at a high school in Wagner, Okla., near Tulsa had a bit of a rough first day on the job.

Courtesy Wagoner Police Department
Courtesy Wagoner Police Department

Police arrested Lorie Hill, a newly-hired teacher in the Wagoner Public Schools district, after she was found in a Wagner High School classroom drunk and pantsless on her first day.

She had driven to school that morning, chugged some vodka in her car and then went inside. It was at that point that she went into the wrong classroom and, for some reason, took her pants off.

Since there were no witnesses to her driving to school, police were only able to book her on charges of public intoxication, KOKI Fox 23 reported.

Whether or not she will be fired by the school district is yet to be announced, but we can't imagine she'll make the cut after that bombshell of a first day.

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