If your spaceship crash-landed ANYWHERE on this planet over the weekend, first of all welcome, second there are a few things you may have never heard about (although I find that impossible since you are considered way more advanced than us modest earthlings). You may have seen some impatient human beings sitting in their mode of travel, in a somewhat orderly fashion - that's called a "Drive-Thru" - the biggest mystery of all to YOU has got to be what we call TIKTOK. This is a vehicle of expression if you will and it is known all over the world,  and it allows people to act like idiots, clowns, comedians, out-of-key singers - the list is long and endless on what you can find on here.

There are guidelines and rules though on TT,  it is obviously monitored and if you think you are ok with openly spewing out jokes about delicate matters like campus sexual assault, pedophilia, drug use, and other volatile subjects - you could find yourself in some serious hot water. According to the Inforum just recently Noah Cvetnic, a freshman at the University of Minnesota, had his scholarship offer at NDSU revoked because of offensive social media posts. He will no longer be part of the team, said NDSU head coach Stevie Keller. This young man won a Minnesota Class 2A state championship in the high jump in high school back in 2019.

Social media accounts are often looked at to find out if the athlete would be a good fit for their program Keller said. Cvetnic chose to expose his graphic opinions and it was seen and in return, he lost his free ride.

So listen here you alien, hope you get your ship fixed soon, and please take TIKTOK and Tom Cruise with you (no doubt he's much shorter than you) - good riddance.


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