This is a list I found, that is extremely accurate. Those that have just taken up the game of golf, you may be guilty of all of these infractions. Well, guess what, you get a mulligan. The word GOLF to some people means B O R I N G. I would think the best way for someone who is suffering from severe insomnia, put on an old re-run of a golf tournament. I'm not going to lie, there are those moments when I would rather be at home playing golf on my PS4, that's usually when I'm stuck behind a group of insanely extra slow play. Mark Twain once said "Golf is a good walk spoiled", I'm guessing the famous American Writer had a triple-digit handicap.

I'm going to pitch in and give you my rants and raves on the wonderful game of golf. How about those people that spend five hours in the brush looking for a 50 cents beat-up ball? Then there are those that INSIST on bringing their cell phones along, you know, just in case there is an important business call. I'm all about having fun, BUT there should never ever be five people teeing off in a group. I also am well aware that I'm barely a mediocre player, PLEASE do not come over and tell me "You know, I can take ten strokes off your game by doing this....." If I wanted golf lessons, I surely would make my own arrangements, I don't need all the second-hand wanna-be golf experts giving me their twenty-two-minute lectures.

Golf is to be enjoyed by all, YES, however, each person needs to know what they're capable of on the course. The people that are brand new, play at YOUR pace, and at a smaller easier 9 hole layout. Check out more of the most annoying things golfers experience by clicking here.

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