A new chapter in American history will begin to be written Friday when Donald Trump is formally sworn in as president. The words he uses in his speech can go a long in setting a tone.

Yes, Trump is as controversial a figure as there's ever been to ascend to the presidency, so his speech becomes that much more important and serves as a chance to bridge the divide that so clearly exists in the country (let's also hope the weather cooperates).

This video from Vox explains a good inaugural address should meet three criteria:

  • Unify the country
  • Announce guiding principles
  • Affirm the limits of power

Each of these presents challenges for Trump, who will have his work cut out for him when it comes to winning over his detractors, especially considering the protests planned.

There are also other tips for a solid address, namely keep the speech short, don't get caught up discussing your campaign, use the pronoun "we" instead of "I."

If you're in the pro-Trump camp, you have no worries that he will rise to the occasion, while those who oppose him will probably not be swayed so easily. As this video reminds us, the value and wisdom of the address may not be recognized so quickly -- often times we judge it based on the presidency that follows.

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