The headlines are always troubling - "Missing Woman" / "Missing Person", whatever the case the MISSING part causes concern

A sad situation may be coming to an end, as human remains were found yesterday in Sidney, Montana. 26-year old Katelynn Berry was last seen December 21, and then officially reported missing December 31st. There have been search parties and people looking for her ever since. Her mother is a prosecutor in Grand Forks and her dad lives in Sydney. According to "Volunteers found human remains during a large-scale search for missing woman Katelynn Berry in Sidney, Montana, on Thursday, Jan. 20, but authorities did not disclose where the body was discovered or whether it was Berry" The autopsy will be performed and if it is Katelynn, the family will have some kind of closure, as awful as that may be.

Bismarck no stranger to "Missing Person" cases

Out here in Bismarck, when we first heard about the young lady that went missing, immediately our minds thought of 18-year-old Chase Hurdle, who was last seen on November 2nd near the Memorial Bridge. I had a chance to talk to his father on the phone back on December 12th. Darius Hurdle and his whole family STILL have hope that one day they will all be reunited. At the time he went missing, Chase was a senior at Bismarck High School. His Christmas presents are wrapped and waiting to be opened.

The fear of the phone ringing with bad news has got to be the worst feeling in the world

The Berry family now awaits word if the remains are for sure that of Katelynn. The Hurdle family holds on for hope, as well all do.

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