Vikings former linebacker Chad Greenway was at Sanford hospital this week. 

According to the website inforum, he was taking pictures, signing balls and just visiting with children in the sick ward.

The cynic would point to the fact that he was possibly promoting something but, in reality, it's important to think about the kids that are involved and how his visit effects them. Did it ever!  Here's a video of the visit:

This is what Chad Had to say :

"All my career is regional; obviously, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota," Greenway said. "It's very important to me — very much of a priority — so to be able to work with a company like Sanford, hospitals like Sanford, and the things they do. The impact they make on our community’s huge," Greenway said.

That sounds pretty genuine to me. I could imagine the feeling one would get after lifted up the spirits of so many sick children.


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