I am so looking forward to this Thursday (August 19th) here in Mandan. A chance for all of us to "Grill With A Cop". This is an annual thing (except for last year which was canceled due to COVID-19). The idea is fantastic - to spend time with our law enforcement, and vice versa. To break away from any hidden fears that police are only around to "pull us over"

The coolest Deputy Chief around

Her name is Lori Flaten - she has been with the Mandan Police Department since 1977. She has been nothing but awesome to me every time I have talked to her on the phone. With a ton of personality, Lori told me this morning just how much "the officers look forward to this great event" (first started in 2017).

"Their way of giving back to the community"

When incidents come up in the Mandan area, and police officers are out in the field, many times when they come back to the station, they see wonderful contributions that locals have brought in - Lori told me that "snacks, food, drinks are dropped off from people that appreciate and know how important our Police Department is to all of us". So "Grill With A Cop" is a chance for EVERYONE to be themselves and enjoy each other's company - A IDEAL way for Mandan Police Department to say "Thank You".

Lori is the perfect representative

She is a complete delight to talk to, I've asked her questions numerous times about certain city code laws or other matters - and with professionalism and a good-natured relaxed attitude, she always helps me out. I hope to see everyone out there this Thursday!

WHAT: "Grill With A Cop"

WHERE: Eagles Park Shelter 1,100 14th St NE Mandan

WHEN: 5:30 - 7:30


Hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats for everyone! Bring the whole family - Lori told me just how much the officers enjoy showing kids their Police cars!

A final couple of words

This is not meant to sound too corny, but Police officers are just like us, we are all human - they go through life the same way we do, this event is absolutely a way to just come on out and show your thanks, as they do the very same thing - mutual respect for everybody. A HUGE thanks to these awesome people helping out big-time


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