Old people are awesome, especially when they're not trying to be.

This senior citizen was interviewed by Ireland's TV3 about whether or not he was going to attend a St. Patrick's Day parade. To say he didn't intend on being there would be quite an understatement.

His accent makes it tough to figure out exactly what he's saying at first -- we understand something about how he'll stay in his backyard with his dog -- before he begins unloading on Americans with a killer accent and so many expletives he could get booked on Def Comedy Jam.

Yeah, if you thought no one could be crankier than this 110-year-old woman, you'd be wise to think again.

The irony, of course, is that he's so bitter that we like him even more, even though he's gone on record expressing his disdain for everyone from the U.S. who heads over to Ireland. Hmm, someone who speaks his mind freely, mocks other and doesn't shy away from talking negatively about a specific group of people? We're just going to give him the nickname Irish Trump.

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