There is a Gun shop in Mandan that is teaching safety classes and already they're sold out!

The Gun shop Prairie Patriot is giving members of the community a chance to really embrace safety as a goal for handling firearms.  According to, here's what they had to say:

The goal is to educate women and men in the community on safe gun handling, range etiquette and how to shoot a firearm properly. Prairie Patriot owner Josette Severson believes that there should be more information about firearm safety because guns are a tool.

"Makes me very proud, it does enforce that there is a need in our community, for women especially, that they want to learn how to handle a gun safely," said Josette Severson, Owner Prairie Patriot.

Every class has been sold out and become so popular that a new next level class is in the works. For more information about gun safety go to

There are many discussions both pro and against firearms in this country today. Regardless of the political issue that exists, it's good to see a shop use the passion for the 2nd amendment as a way to educate firearm users to handle the tool correctly.  It would be great to see more of these shops come forward with a program like this. 

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