The coronavirus has made a complete mess out of our economy. The unemployed has snowballed downhill. The sad reality of the killer virus has hit businesses quick, forcing doors to be shut. The creative people find a way to work in the comfort of their homes. The self isolating quarantine blues. I say that, because after several weeks now, of people feeling the "mandatory STAY-AT-HOME straight jackets", restlessness has now kicked in. I'm a single guy, I'm extremely grateful that I have a job that allows me to work on site. I have two cats that barely acknowledge me ( unless I'm feeding them ), I can only imagine how quickly people get irritated, at other household humans.

What to do, to kill time? Watching Netflex's complete line-up of mind numbing over-rated, over-hyped crap. Maybe spend the day rearranging your sock drawer? Just taking it one day at a time, until hybernation is no longer needed, tick-tock-tick-tock the coronavirus clock clicks slow.

Why not take this unprecedented home stay for some good old fashioned adult, or should I say PANDA FUN? Usually the act of making love is a private privilege, candles, a little ENYA on the stereo, just the two of you. Well in Hong Kong, The Hanky-Panky Panda's are celebrating their lockdown with some loving. Their ACTS, so to speak, have drawn a HUGE appreciated audience. Click HERE for all you voyeurs out there.

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