Kirk Cousins wasn't making any friends in the Twin Cities after this latest fiasco. 

After the Green Bay Packers opened up a 21-0 lead, the Vikings defense shut them down for the rest of the game to give the offense a chance to get back in it. What Vikings fans got though was just another tease.

Late in the fourth quarter, they were successfully running the ball down Green Bay's throat to the point that it was first and goal on the 8-yard line. Rather than stick with the formula, Cousins under pressure lofted a duck into the endzone to Stefan Diggs who was double covered and the result was immediate.

Pick by CB Kevin King ... Game over.

When the Vikings forked over 85 Million guaranteed to get Cousins, they did not envision this.

Here's what Kirk had to say:

I do like the way he owned up to it, but am curious about how this affects his performance moving forward.

Here's what the other players had to say :







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