Art is a wonderful thing - especially when it's swirling around in the mind of an adventurous young student 

As you can see from the cover picture of this story, the colors are fun and lively, and it draws you in almost immediately - NOW imagine this same picture could very well be viewed by an estimated hundreds of millions of people one day soon!

The 16th Annual Doodle For Google Contest

This is some pretty cool news - according to a Bismarck Media Release yesterday:

A talented student in Bismarck could soon have art on the Google homepage for hundreds of millions to see. In January, Google asked students across the U.S. to submit their ideas for the 16th annual Doodle for Google contest. For 2024, in celebration of Google’s 25th anniversary, they asked students to answer the prompt “My wish for the next 25 years…” through their art.

Lucy Lengenfelder, a student at Murphy Elementary, is one of the 55 state and territory winners with her doodle, Lucy’s Magic Garden. Lucy’s doodle was selected from thousands of entries received this year.

Across ages, students showcased their visions for the future in unique ways. Young artists shared a range of things they wished for in the next 25 years including safer communities, technological breakthroughs, a cleaner planet, and greater unity among people.

“My wish is for every wish to come true!” said Lucy. “The unicorn is making the little girl's wish come true. Her wish was for all gardens to have beautiful flowers.”

Everyone across the United States can vote - the winner will have their Doodle featured on the Google homepage for a day...AND will take home a $55,000 (Google added $25,000 this year to celebrate its 25th anniversary) college scholarship, Google hardware, and swag and his/her school will receive a $50,000 technology package towards the establishment.

Here is how you can help...

To see a full list of state winners and to vote online, visit:

Let's ALL help make this happen!






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