I'm almost positive you have been in this situation before...

...there you are driving down the road, listening to the radio, your mind pretty much on auto-pilot, the heater is keeping you warm, and then off to your left, you see it. As you slowly come to a stop at the red light, there is someone holding a cardboard sign. Now 99% of the time, without looking, you are pretty sure that the person is asking for money. So that pivotal moment comes when your car glides to a stop and you are parallel to the person standing on the island or curb. Do you make sure you have that FROZEN stare straight ahead?

I'm not going to pass judgment on anyone, people have their reasons

Now for those that absolutely won't give it a second thought about rolling the window down and handing a dollar bill over, their argument will always be that if you have the energy to stand there and the time - "Then get a job"  My belief is that everyone goes through a rough patch at one point or another, and this person may be experiencing it right now. If I have some loose change, I have no problem giving it to them. There are also many people aware that some may be suffering from some mental issues, and clearly, most of us aren't qualified to judge that - so why become hostile with that person? Just keep your windows rolled up and wait for the light to change.

Is it a moral thing? Testing the old "North Dakota Nice" saying?

My feeling is that if it is in your heart to give a little, then do it.

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