As Black Friday approaches, here's more proof that North Dakotan's are smart with their money. 

The website Opploans .com conducted a study of Black Friday shoppers nationwide and here are some of the findings of that study below:

Which States are Likely to Overspend?

Spending Hall of Shame

Five states topped our list for risky spending based on their percentage of seriously delinquent credit card debt.

  1. Nevada (10.76%)
  2. Arizona (9.54%)
  3. Florida (9.41%)
  4. New Mexico (9.02%)
  5. Arkansas (8.66%)

To determine the likelihood of overspending, we reviewed state-level data on the percentage of credit card debt that’s over 90 days delinquent. When an account reaches this stage of delinquency, most credit card companies will sell the debt to a collection agency. This action will result in a long-lasting black mark on the borrower’s credit report and significant credit score damage.

Spending Hall of Fame

Five states made our “Hall of Fame” list.

  1. Wisconsin (4.74%)
  2. Nebraska (5.07%)
  3. North Dakota (5.10%)
  4. Washington (5.43%)
  5. Utah (5.55%)

These states had levels of seriously delinquent credit card debt that was approximately half that of the states with the highest rates.

Wow ... look who's number 3? Us. It is helpful to note that historical fiscal responsibility is something we share in North Dakota as a people as well as a government.  Now if only I can be in line with North Dakota's percentage. 

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