If you're looking to travel for the holidays here's how to pick up some great deals.

Jet blue just announced a thing called flash fares that have you flying to places like Boston, New York, for $20-$40 and even Paris for under $300!

Obviously, you would have to fly the times that are offered for these fares but hey it's worth it!

There are conveniences for these fares like free WiFi but they will charge you for baggage fees which are understandable.

There was a flash fare blitz yesterday and as of press time, they are all gone. Here were the deals that were up for grabs.

You can get from Atlanta to Boston for $20Baltimore to Orlando for $30, and New York to Ft. Meyers for $40. If you're looking for something a little less continental, you can also get from Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Cayman for $40 and Boston to Santiago, Dominican Republic for $90.

To find out the next round of cheap or flash fares you can click here.

You might get lucky.

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